An existential cry of a singularity in a bewildering Multiverse ! An eclectic collection of my life events, thoughts and vistas through my Nikon a Biro and sometimes inspiration from others I meet on my journey!
If you are wondering; “Die Seinsfrage” is a famous philosophical question, “the question of being”, posed by Martin Heidegger; who was reflecting on Edmund’s Hurrserl maxim “to things themselves !”
I hope to explore and reflect on in the coming posts and rants, as well as sharing some of my life experiences and vistas !
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"Flying" at Zip World Llechwyd Slate quarries, Blaneau Festiniog, Wales

Was there yesterday (27 July 2014 with my boys). Day 2 of my birthday weekend !

That place !

Sit back, ground yourself, close your eyes, switch off and relax. Initially drift where your thoughts take you, explore them all and leave them where they lay. Finally, when your thoughts have expired and they are longer the centre of your attention try to seek the illusive place, the place deep within, that place where nothing is impossible !

A thought for today

Sexy, is it really all about pouting lips, boobs and butts ?
Or us it about the way you stand; looking longingly- waiting for your partner, the way you hold yourself; show casing your body shape, the way you embrace; when you finally meet, the way you drape over your partner’s arm, the way you sit; attentive yet so do comfortable, the way you look; seductively at those watching, the way you talk; expressing your desires and fears, the way you walk; legs, hips and torso in perfect union, the way you look back; saying goodbye !