An existential cry of a singularity in a bewildering Multiverse ! An eclectic collection of my life events, thoughts and vistas through my Nikon a Biro and sometimes inspiration from others I meet on my journey!
If you are wondering; “Die Seinsfrage” is a famous philosophical question, “the question of being”, posed by Martin Heidegger; who was reflecting on Edmund’s Hurrserl maxim “to things themselves !”
I hope to explore and reflect on in the coming posts and rants, as well as sharing some of my life experiences and vistas !
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A thought for today

Sexy, is it really all about pouting lips, boobs and butts ?
Or us it about the way you stand; looking longingly- waiting for your partner, the way you hold yourself; show casing your body shape, the way you embrace; when you finally meet, the way you drape over your partner’s arm, the way you sit; attentive yet so do comfortable, the way you look; seductively at those watching, the way you talk; expressing your desires and fears, the way you walk; legs, hips and torso in perfect union, the way you look back; saying goodbye !